Are you a programmer and cricket fan? Then you'll love CriCLI! It's a simple CLI app that lets you see live cricket scores and commentary right in your terminal.  It's super easy to install and use.

You can get live cricket score, overs elapsed, current batsman, and other relevant data in your terminal.

To do this, simply run the command

$ cricli

To see a list of all commands just run this command

$ cricli -h



Before you install criCLI, you must have the following installed:

  • Node.js
  • npm

Then the installation is quite straight-forward. Simply clone the repo or install it via npm:

  • $ npm install -g cricli



Love CriCLI?

If you love it and want to add more features to it, feel free to fork it and make your own changes. Submit the pull request and that's it.